IZLY : a new method of payment

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Izly is a new method of payment by the CNOUS and CROUS. Thismobile purchasing system gives you the opportunity to safely and easily buy your meals in any of our restaurants and cafeterias.


  • Every student enrolled in higher education in France.
  • Staff members (teaching and administrative) working in higher education.
  • Some administrations and structures in agreement with the CROUS Grenoble Alpes


  • A large choice of services
  • Easy account management
  • Quick checkout at the counter
  • Loyalty advantages in cafeterias: you gain points each time you order, points you can use to purchase pastries, coffee or even a full meal in your cafeteria.

At any moment, wherever you are, you can now manage your account online and check your purchase history! To fully enjoy all those new services, activate your Izly account now!

How can I activate my account?

Izly will firstly send you an email on your personnal email address (registered on messervices.etudiant.gouv.fr), if not, on your student email adress (upon registration with your institution). You will then be redirected to Izly.fr to activate your online account.

Haven’t received an activation email?
Please go to a Crous counter or visit Izly.fr

How can I top up mu Izly account?

  • With your debit card online starting from €10 online at Izly.fr or at the Izly kiosks in the university restaurants
  • With your bank account starting From €5 on Izly.fr

How can I pay with Izly?

  • With your contactless student card
  • With your smartphone on the Izly app: create a unique QR code to present at the tills or kiosks

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