Documentary supporting evidence


The resources taken into account in the majority of cases is the gross family taxable income figuring on the fiscal notification of the parents of the student or of the legal guardian of the student to which is added, where appropriate, income received abroad. The resources taken into account are those of 2016 for the university year 2017-2018, with certain exceptions.

For candidates of foreign nationality: a statement by the parents attesting that they do or do not receive income abroad, and in the former case, the amount.

In the case of the divorce of the parents : A copy of the divorce judgment stipulating the parental custody for the student concerned. If no sum for child maintenance is stipulated, then, if the custody is awarded to one parent, the notification of taxable income of the other parent should be joined to the dossier

Proof of educational enrolment
Proof (copies) of the candidate’s school enrollment, together with, if applicable, those of brothers and/or sisters enrolled in higher education.

Particular cases

  • A candidate with refugee status : an attestation by OFPRA (French Office for the Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons.
  • A candidate having been taken into care in childhood ; an attestation by the competent authority
  • A candidate registered with the State employment agency (Pôle Emploi) and not receiving indemnity payments : an attestation by the agency
  • Other documentary evidence may be required by Crous to testify in particular situations.

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