Helping students with disabilities

The Grenoble CROUS social service has set up a special intervention service for students with disabilities.

In the Isère department, a CROUS social assistant forms part of the S.A.H. team of Grenoble Universities (Service Accueil Handicap). Working as part of this team, she facilitates the integration of students with disabilities, notably in the area of housing, with specially adapted and equipped appartments, working in cooperation with the other CROUS services, with the occupational therapist of the S.A.H. team and the specialist doctor at the Inter-University Health Centre.

S.A.H. Objectives

The vocation of the S.A.H (Service Accueil Handicap de Grenoble Universités) is to provide all students with disabilities at the University of Grenoble, and particularly those on campus, a place where they can find information and help so that their studies can be pursued in the best possible way. Working with their partners, the S.A.H. can also help the student to choose the right educational programme, and help with other life choices, including career options.

The role of the S.A.H.

  •  Information/Orientation/Advice : Providing information about the student’s rights and making the student aware of all the facilities available.       Raising the awareness of all staff to the problems facing students with disabilities. Orientation and advice about choices of courses and educational programmes.
  • Material and educational help to accompany the student with disabilities
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Special housing for students with reduced mobility

Depending on the particular residence, bedrooms or small apartments specially adapted and equipped for students with particular disabilities can be offered throughout the Grenoble academy..

To apply for housing

Download the reservation form for specially adapted housing by clicking here

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