International exchange Students: pick your Welcome Kit

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Discover the Welcome Kit : everything an international exchange student with ISSO needs when arriving in his or her Crous accommodation.

Feel welcome, save time

Coming to study in France and then settling in a student accommodation can prove to be quite complicated for an international student: language barrier, new environment, no tableware or bedding

In order to help students in this situation, the Crous Grenoble Alpes offers the new Welcome Kit to the newcomers from another country beginning this academic year.

With the Welcome Kit, you will have all the essentials for the first days to settle without a worry from the moment you arrive.

Welcome Kits are reserved for international students with the ISSO service of the Communauté Université Grenoble ALpes in a Crous accommodation.

Get your Welcome Kit
From august 26 until september 7

  • Campus Saint-Martin-d ’Hères
    (for students on campus only)
    351 allée du Berlioz
    38400 Saint-Martin-d’Hères
    Monday to Saturday – 3pm to 7pm
  • Grenoble (front desk of the residence)

    Résidence Le Rabot
    11 rue Maurice Gignoux
    38000 Grenoble
    Monday to Friday – 2pm to 5pm

    Résidence Geneviève Jourdain
    6, rue de Vassieux en Vercors
    38000 Grenoble
    During the opening hours

  • For residents in the Filaos and Arsonval residences, go to :

    Maison des Etudiants
    6, place Pasteur
    38000 Grenoble
    During opening hours at the front desk

For students in the Maison des Etudiants, your Welcome Kits are waiting for you in your rooms.

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