The different types of accommodation

Traditional university residences (furnished bedrooms in collective student residences): what has traditionally been called the « cité U » but which has moved with the times.

  • Traditional bedrooms 9 m² (with shared bathroom, toilet, and kitchen facilities on each floor) Cités Arsonval – Rabot – Résidence Olympique – La Tronche – Fauré – Condillac A – Jacob Bellecombette – Le Bugey
  • Refurbished bedrooms from 9 m² to 12 m² equipped with private washroom facilities (shower, toilet, washbasin), refrigerator and micro-wave oven on demand. Cités Condillac B – Résidence Olympique – Maison des Etudiants A  
  • ‘Studios’ (‘Studettes’ ) equipped with a kitchenette and private washroom facilities (shower, toilet, washbasin). Cités Maison des Étudiants B – Le Home

Rental charges : about 200 euros per month, usually including service charges. These rooms qualify the occupant to benefit from the welfare allocation : ‘ALS’: allocation de logement social. The bedrooms are allocated for a period of twelve months, from 1st September to 31st August. One month’s notice is required for vacating the accommodation     ‘Outside’ (i.e. off-campus) Residential Accommodation (with private rental agreements permitting award of APL welfare benefit, rather than the APS benefit including in the CROUS residences mentioned above). For details of the APL and APS benefits, see below, section 8.  

  • Studios 12 to 20 m² equipped with private washroom facilities (shower, toilet, washbasin) and shared kitchen facilities Résidences Ouest – Berlioz – Foyer des Alpes
  • T1’ or over 30 m² completely furnished and equipped Résidences Beethoven – Hermite – La Magnanerie – Filaos -Terralis – Amandine – Halle Brun – Carmagnole – Alpilles – Taillées – Nocturnes de Faure – Marie Reynoard  – La Cardinière – Le Chaney – Le Comte Vert – Les Bornes – Djinn – Tom Morel – Clacton – Derodon – Les Moulins
  • Flat-sharing, individual bedroom in a shared appartment (5 or 6 bedrooms) with shared shower, toilet and large kitchen. Résidences Filaos – Le Home – Maison des Etudiants – Marie Reynoard  – Amandine – Terralis – La Halle Brun – Les Cascatelles – La Cardinière – Le Chaney – Le Comte Vert – Les Bornes – Tom Morel – Clacton – Derodon
  • Accommodation for students with disabilities Depending on which residence, special rooms or studios have been specially adapted and can be offered to students with particular disabilities.

  All theses types of accommodation qualify the student to claim the APL welfare benefit. The rooms are allocated for twelve months, from 1st September to 31st August.    

Do you have a choice of type of accommodation?

The submission of an application dossier (Dossier Social Etudiant) includes a statement of preference of several types of accommodation within the Grenoble académie. These preferences are adhered to in the order in which they are processed and will be subject to availability.

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