Grant for Teacher-Training future employment (Bourse Emploi Avenir Professeur)

Public service grants awarded to students for future employment as a teacher  
These public service grants are awarded to social-criteria grant-holder students enrolled in the 2nd or 3rd years of the ‘Licence’ (Bachelor) degree or in the 1st year of the Master’s degree (Master 1), who benefit from what is called an ‘Emploi d’Avenir Professeur’ (EAP) (Future Teacher employment grant). These grants serve as a complement to the existing work-contract of the student and of the grant based on social criteria.

These grants are awarded by the Rector (the head of each Academy) at the end of the recruitment process and last for the duration of the teacher-training contract. The Crous is in charge of administering the payment of this grant to the students concerned.

The annual amount of this grant is 2,604 € and is paid to the student on a monthly basis.

The beneficiary of this public service grant is committed to following the full teacher-training programme in a higher education institution, and this is the basis of the work contract which is attributed to the student, a contract specifically linked with a future teacher career.

When the candidate meets the required level of higher education to qualify for this grant, the beneficiary makes a commitment to enrol in the recruitment competititve examination (concours) for entrance into the teaching profession at the primary or secondary level and to take all the admissibility tests that constitute the full examination.

This public service grant can be terminated :

– in the case that the work contract is broken by one of the two parties
– in the case that the grant-holder does not follow course requirements or does not enrol/register for the competitive recruitment examination or does not attend the examination(s).

When the payment of this public service grant is interrupted before the normal term of the work contract, the Rector of the Academy can order the total or a partial reimbursement of the payments received since the date that the contract took effect. The person conerned would be informed of the decision and would be first invited to comment on it.

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