The special ‘bistro’ room: L’oiseau blanc

For a professional lunch, a work meeting, or a company seminar

L’Oiseau blanc offers you, everyday, 3 special lunch menus with choice of :
> 4 starter courses
> 2 main courses of the day / meat or fish
> Its special house delicacies

A tasty and light cuisine, using the finest ingredients in the great French gourmet tradition, a range of wines and liqueurs, with discreet, efficient and elegant waiter service.

Table bistronomique’: Mondays to Fridays from 11.45 a.m. to 2 p.m.

70 rue des Universités – Saint Martin D’Hères
Ground floor of the Restaurant Diderot
Domaine Universitaire

Information – Reservations: 04 76 82 40 90 or


NEW !   A points payment system

Eat as you wish, as you like !

  • For more flexibility in composing your own meal on the tray
  • Giving you the chance to satisfy your different taste buds 
  • At the same time as benefiting from special rates

The Grenoble CROUS has put in place a new points system.
For more info

3 special staff rooms offer you meal possibilities

  • Restaurant Arsonval in Grenoble, ‘R+1’ in the ‘Resto U’ (increase in the space available), for more info
  • Restaurant Barnave on the main university campus, salle 4, for more info
  • Restaurant Diderot on the main university campus, salle Duthérian, plus d’info


A differenciation of price list for staff and students now applies.
cafeteria menus and price lists

  • You now benefit from special meal rates on the cafeteria menus on presentation of your Izly card.


Each food outlet is now equipped with the demonetarised payment system (Izly card) assuring consumers of a better quality of service (less waiting time, no more money exchange).
To request an Izly card




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