Meals: general information

The university restaurants (commonly known in France as the ‘restos U’) are open to all students enrolled in a Higher Education institution. They are all situated on or close to university sites.  

The Grenoble Crous has a network of 48 university restaurants and cafeterias covering the whole of the academy and has room to seat 7,398 for meals. 

Balanced meals at reduced prices

To eat in a proper balanced way, there are a variety of full meal set menus offered at 3,25 € (the student rate for 2014-2015).The cost of a meal is fixed by the national Budget ministry. The actual cost of a student meal comes out in fact to more than 6 €, with the extra from the amount you pay consisting of a State subsidy. The prices of items in the cafeteria are voted annually by the administrative council of Crous.

A large choice of menus

  • The traditional menu: in the restaurants, the full meal is made up of a starter, a meat or fish dish with vegetables, followed by cheese or dessert.
  • Menu ‘à la carte’: in the cafeterias, there is grilled food, as well as pizzas, paninis, sandwiches, salad and pastry dishes, and desserts.
  • ‘Express menu’: sandwiches, quiches, pizzas, paninis, hot and cold drinks…

Quality meals

The menus are drawn up by teams of professionals (kitchen chefs, dieticians, food consultants) for all the restaurants.
These can be consulted on line as well as on the app: Crous Mobile.
Food safety is a top priority. The hygienic conditions of each restaurant are subject to regular national and regional control. The Crous food services make an effort to work in conjunction with the authorities on each university site to set up a policy which meets their particular needs.

Modes of payment accepted:

  • In the ‘restos U’: the ‘IZLY’ card
  • In the university cafeterias: the ‘IZLY’ card or payment with Smartphone

Consult the menus of YOUR RESTAURANTS AND CAFETERIAS on your Smartphone !

Keep up to date with your Smartphone on the actual menus offered on any day in all the ‘Restos U’ in the whole Grenoble academy.

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